Senco Early Support

Work with Senco from Local Authority Rochdale Senco Co-Ordinator- Anna Wysk.

Senco stands for "Special Education Needs Co-ordinator". A Senco is responsible for the day to day operation of the Nursery Senco Policy. All mainstream Nursery must appoint a teacher to be their Senco administration and Parental support.
Senco must also collaborate with curriculum co-ordinators at the Nursery to make sure that the learning requirements of all hildren with SEN are given equal emphasis and priority.
The Senco will co-ordinate additional suport for pupils with SEN and liaise with their Parents,teachers and other professionals who are involved with them.
The Senco has responsibility for requesting the involvement of an Educational Psychologist and other external services particularly for children receiving support at Nursery Action and Nursery Action Plus.

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We recognise the wide range of special needs of children and families in our community and will consider what part we can play in meeting these needs.

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